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Where we work

The work we do in helping people is not a matter of geographical location, but a matter of understanding where someone is at in their personal life journey, and how we actually can be of help to them. Unlike some organizations, we recognize we can’t help everyone, and we don’t try to. We recognize that people have to be in a certain place in their journey to benefit from the work we do.

It starts with where you're at

Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs states that people must have certain basic needs met, before they can even consider higher needs. In the bible the phrase “milk before meat” is used. The principle is the same: People must be ready to accept the help we offer.

Once people have their basic needs met, it is important to their self-esteem, confidence, self-respect, and respect within their community to continue their journey of personal development.

We don't directly serve immediate needs

An old parable goes, “Give a man to fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” There are hundreds of organizations already giving out fishes. We focus our efforts on teaching. We do, however, partner with many organizations to ensure that the immediate needs are met of those we serve, as they strive to make a better life for themselves.

We help in personally & geographically relevant ways

To take the last parable one step further: What if that person doesn’t live by water? Fishing becomes a useless skill. There are already hundreds of organizations that teach people skills. We focus on teaching skills that help people achieve their goals in their region of the world, with their circumstances, relating to things they actually want to do.

By following a principle based approach in our teaching, and providing people only with the classes which will be specifically relevant to their success, we arm them with the skills they can use today to make their life better.

The work we do

Funding Community Projects

In order to help a person or organization become self-reliant, we recognize that they will need someone to invest in them. People or organizations who wish to receive funding are required to submit a business plan. This business plan is evaluated based on the principles of self-reliance including ownership, accountability, stewardship, and more. It is also reviewed for viability in the market, country, and region.

Providing Life-Changing Knowledge

People don’t just need an investment of time and resources from another individual, they need to be taught and understand the principles of self-reliance. Without these, they will continue to flounder in a state of confusion, not understanding why, when they have received so much investment from others, they continue to struggle in the same ways they always have. People or Organizations who come to The Enoch Initiative for help are taught the principles of self-reliance, as well as the skills required for them to prosper in their organization/country.

Building Strong Allies

While we don’t serve immediate needs, we are passionate about helping people everywhere in ways we can. This is why we setup our Allies Network. It’s a group of people or organizations committed to helping people, like we are, in different ways, all over the world. Our allies network has investors, professionals, faculty, and more! All of whom want to see people succeed, and are looking for ways to contribute in which they know they will be making a meaningful impact.