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We offer a hand up

Empowering New Opportunities for Community Harmony (ENOCH)

The goal of all we do here at the Enoch Initiative is to help people and communities develop and grow. When a person grows, a community grows. When a community grows, a nation grows. When a nation grows, the world grows. To make our impact on the world, we start by focusing on helping people and communities develop and grow.

Personal Development

Community Development

Ways we help

The Enoch Initiative was originally founded to help a group in Uganda that no one else could reach! But as more people began coming to us asking for help and offering their help, we realized our organization was destined for more, and we’ve set off on a journey to identify principles and create courses to help people all over the world transform their lives for the better!

1-on-1 Coaching

Business Development

Online Training

Meet the Youth Development Link Initiative (YODELI)!

Enoch Initiative was originally formed to help the Youth Development Link Initiative (YODELI), a non-profit group located in Uganda. This amazing group is now developing two apiary sites to bring nutrition, industry, and employment opportunities to their community.